KDE is one of the biggest Open Source community. I started getting involved by improving the end user documentation in 2018 and now I’m involved in multiple part of the project. I lead the web team, I’m a core member of the promo team and contribute to many QML based application and framework. In 2020, I receive the Akademy Arward for my involvement in the modernization of the websites. I’m currently the goal champion for the accessibility goal.

KDE e.V.

KDE e.V. is a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. I became a member of the KDE e.V. early in 2020 and I’m now involved in the Fundraising Working Group.


NeoChat is a client for the Matrix protocol, a decentralized chat protocol, written in QML and Kirigami. NeoChat is a multiple platform application working on Linux, Linux Phones, Windows and Android. It received a NGI Azure grant from the EU via the NlNet organization.


Kontrast is a color contrast checker and tells you if your color combinations are distinct enough to be readable and accessible. It’s written in QML and is available on Android, Linux Phones and Linux.


Kalendar is a calendar and contact book application which I wrote with Claudio Cambra. It offers integration with various online services and it is alsow written in QML.

Port of KDE websites to static site generator

I ported most of the 30 KDE website to static site generators. Moving them away from old custom php frameworks and at the same time updating their design and increasing the KDE brand effect.