Kirigami Addons 1.3.0

Kirigami Addons 1.3.0 is out. Kirigami Addons is a collection of components to enhance your Kirigami/QML application. This release contains many change related to the settings module.


The current way to create a settings page in your application is to use CategorizedSettings with some SettingAction for each setting page. This was based on Kirigami.PageRow which was then either pushed on a layer on mobile or to a seperate page on desktop. This turned out to be quite unreliable in practice as Kirigami.PageRow is a visual element.

The new ConfigurationView is based on a plain non-visual QtObject with for the moment two backends:

  • One for mobile which looks similar to the Plasma Settings application of Plasma Mobile.
  • One for desktop which looks similar to the System Settings application of Plasma Desktop.

The API is almost the same as the previous CategorizedSettings which made porting quite easy. Here is for example a button that open the settings.

import QtQuick.Controls as Controls
import org.kde.kirigamiaddons.settings as KirigamiSettings

Controls.Button {
    id: button

    KirigamiSettings.ConfigurationView {
        id: configuration

        window: button.Controls.ApplicationWindow.window as Kirigami.ApplicationWindow

        modules: [
            KirigamiSettings.ConfigurationModule {
                moduleId: "appearance"
                text: i18nc("@action:button", "Appearance")
                page: () => Qt.createComponent("org.kde.tokodon", "AppearancePage")
            KirigamiSettings.ConfigurationModule {
                moduleId: "about"
                text: i18nc("@action:button", "About Tokodon")
                page: () => Qt.createComponent("org.kde.kirigamiaddons.formcard", "AboutPage")
                category: i18nc("@title:group", "About")
    } 'settings-configure-symbolic'
    text: i18nc("@action:button", "Settings")


With this change, both CategorizedSettings and SettingAction are now deprecated.

ConfigurationView on desktop
ConfigurationView on desktop

ConfigurationView on mobile
ConfigurationView on mobile


With ConfigurationView each page is a ConfigurationModule and Kirigami Addons provides a ConfigurationModule for the spellchecking configuration of your application. This will allow to reduce code duplication between NeoChat, Tokodon, Marknote and more applications which uses Sonnet.

KirigamiSettings.ConfigurationView {
    modules: [
        KirigamiSettings.SpellcheckingConfigurationView {}


FormCard design was slighly updated and now uses shadows as you might have already noticed from the previous screenshots.


Another component which is getting deprecated in SearchPopupField, there is now a replacement for that in Kirigami with the same behavior and I added an example how to port away to Kirigami.SearchDialog and I also ported all the know usage already.

Maintainance work

Aside from this major changes, there is ongoing maintaince works. This includes:

  • Removing the accidental QtWidgets on Android caused by QtLabs.ColorDialog (me: Carl Schwan)
  • Ensure all translated strings are loaded from the correct translation domain (me: Carl Schwan)
  • The license dialog in the AboutPage is now opened in the correct window (Jack Hill)
  • Fix the focus in the FormComboBoxDelegate (Joshua Goins)
  • Fix the capitalization in the AboutPage (Joshua Goins)
  • Increase the padding in FormCardDialog to match the other FormCard components

Packager Section

You can find the package on and it has been signed with my GPG key.


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