Kirigami Addons 1.1.0

It’s again time for a new Kirigami Addons release. Kirigami Addons is a collection of helpful components for your QML and Kirigami applications.


I added a new FormCard delegate: FormColorDelegate which allow to select a color and a new delegate container: FormCardDialog which is a new type of dialog.

FormCardDialog containing a FormColorDelegate in Marknote
FormCardDialog containing a FormColorDelegate in Marknote

Aside from these new components, Joshua fixed a newline bug in the AboutKDE component and I updated the code examples in the API documentation.


This new component is intended to provide a powerful table view on top of the barebone one provided by QtQuick and similar to the one we have in our QtWidgets application.

This was contributed by Evgeny Chesnokov. Thanks!

TableView with resizable and sortable columns
TableView with resizable and sortable columns

Other components

The default size of MessageDialog was decreased and is now more appropriate.

MessageDialog new default size
MessageDialog new default size

James Graham fixed the autoplay of the video delegate for the maximized album component.

Packager section

You can find the package on and it has been signed with my GPG key.


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