Doxyqml 0.5.3 release

A new release of Doxyqml is out. Doxyqml is the tool which we use to transform our QML code in non working C++ code, but good enough for Doxyqml to understand it. This power the documentation of Kirigami, Kirigami Addons, Plasma Framework and more on

This release mainly fix various compatibility bugs with more recent QML versions.

Thanks to Frederik Gladhorn, Joshua Goins, Libor Tomsik, Matej Starc and Nikolai R Kristiansen for their contributions to this release.

Here is the full release log:

  • Add support for single quote strings(Carl Schwan)
  • Ignore private functions in generated api (Carl Schwan)
  • Add support for typed functions (Carl Schwan)
  • dynamically get import qualifier (Matej Starc)
  • Allow arbitrary default arguments (Frederik Gladhorn)
  • Fix wasteful newline if there was no meaningful comment (Joshua Goins)
  • Change expected test data to account for the new comments (Joshua Goins)
  • Simplify header comments, add version/import at the very last minute (Joshua Goins)
  • Don’t parse internal module types (Joshua Goins)
  • Use @version instead of @since command (Joshua Goins)
  • Add import statements for QML components (Joshua Goins)
  • Support array literals as function args (Nikolai R Kristiansen)
  • Fixed parsing curly brackets in JS function (Libor Tomsik)

The release can be found on


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