KDE Documentation & New Job at Nextcloud

Some big news in my life: I got a full-time job at Nextcloud and I will start next week. I will be working on the PHP backend, so I will come back to my web development/PHP roots.

KDE Documentation

It also means I’m leaving my current part-time job at the KDE e.V. working on the documentation tooling. This was shorter than initially planned (a bit more than one month instead of three), but even though I didn’t finish doing everything I wanted to do, I still did a few things during this short time.

First, I continued my previous work on, making it possible for the translators to translate the content. For now, only the Kirigami tutorial is translated, but more should be available by simply toggling some switches.

Another thing I worked on was phasing out This website was created before develop.k.o was created and develop.k.o is nowadays a better place to add the plasma mobile developer documentation, next to the Kirigami and Plasma tutorials. The small bits of user documentation is getting moved to the plasma-mobile website.

And also made some small improvements to KApiDox. I fixed the sorting of products to always include the KDE Frameworks and KDE PIM on top made the navbar consistent with and a made a few other minor tweaks.

Aside from that I also made many small patches to the API documentation itself in Ki ri ga mi, KGuiAddons, Plasma Workspace and a few other places.

I will still be around and you can still ping me on Matrix for documentation tooling related questions :)

Thanks a lot to the KDE e.V. for entrusting me with this responsibility. If you want to help supports others and make KDE software better, consider donating to the KDE e.V.. The donation is tax-deductible in Germany (and maybe in other EU countries too).

Other KDE stuff

Unfortunately, due to my new job, I won’t have as much time as before to do other KDE stuff. I will still continue to maintain and review merge requests for NeoChat and a few other QML/Plasma Mobile applications but expect me to be less active on that front.

Concerning the websites, I didn’t feel very motivated to continue doing a lot of work on them before getting my new job and now I will completely stop maintaining them. You can still ping me for questions, but I will stop monitoring new MRs incoming and more importantly, I will stop working on Plasma and Gear announcements anymore. So I would really appreciate if someone could step up and help Paul and Aniqa with that. I will still do the low effort maintaince of the wikis and unless someone wants to replace me :)

As I said, I will still be around, so if someone wants to help with these tasks and doesn’t know how to get started, please ping me on Matrix.

I’m also the one of the most active moderators on r/kde and since there is nowadays 75 000 Reddit users on r/kde, a bit of help with the moderation could be welcome.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0