Announcing Season of KDE Selected Projects

Season of KDE offers an opportunity to everyone (not just students) to participate in both code and non-code projects that benefits the KDE ecosystem

I’m happy to announce the projects selected for Season of KDE. In this post we will look at some of the successful proposals, but there is a full list available here.

Plasma Mobile

Nikunj Goyal will be working under the mentorship of Devin Lin to implement a global weather alert system for KWeather using the CAP protocol. Anjani Kumar will work on a D-Bus deamon for KWeather that will provide weather data. Han Young will mentor this project.

Rohan Asokan will be working on Kalk and will add a few new features, including a binary calculator and a scientific mode with more advanced functions. Han Young will mentor this project.

Yash Walia will be working on producing new default alarm and ringtones for KClock. Devin Lin will mentor this project.

Sai Moukthik Konduru will be working on a basic task management tool for Plasma Mobile. This will also be mentored by Devin Lin.


Chirag Goyal will work on the new Plasma Firewall KCM and will make it possible to share your plasma firewall configuration using the KDE Store. This project will be mentored by Lucas Januario.

Mariam Fahmy Sobhy will add a new backend to Discover for the rpm-ostree protocol. This backend is required for the new cool immutables distros like Fedora Kinoite. This project will be mentored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez and Timothée Ravier.

Raveesh Agarwal will work on improving the network applets with better support for multiple network adapters. This project will be mentored by Jan Grulich.


The Promo team will mentor a project allowing us to automate the collection and analysis of the data we get from our social networks. The goal is to be able to identify how well our announcements and activity on social media networks are generating engagements.

Rohan Reddy will work on extracting the aggregated data from the various sources (Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, website stats…) and Sankalp Das will work on a data visualization dashboard.

Manav sethi will work on an application which will allow us to post a message to multiple social networks at the same time.


While not a KDE project, Calamares is participating in Season of KDE too.

Adriaan de Groot will mentor three projects: the first one is porting all the codebase to Python 3.6 (Hitesh Kumar). The second one consists of porting the documentation from GitHub Pages to Jekyll. Finally, Anubhav Choudhary will work on various smaller tasks required by Calamares.



Vivek Yadav will work on a separate widget for the bin folders, this will be helpful for projects with a lot of content, allowing them to be viewed in a separate window. This project will be mentored by Massimo Stella.

SkanPage and SkanLite

Smit Shivcharan Patil will work on a QML version of SkanLite called SkanPage. The goal is to port the old QtQuick Control 1 codebase to Kirigami and QtQuick Controls 2. This will be mentored by myself (Carl Schwan) and should provide a way to have multi-page scanning support.


Mahmoud Ahmed Khalil will add support for reading and creating interactive fiction comic books in Peruse. This will be mentored by Leinir.


Pablo Marcos will work on the Okular website porting it to Hugo and featuring a new design. This will be mentored by me.


Mark is an annotation tool for machine learning datasets. Pranav Gade will add support for video annotation and Jean Lima Andrade will add support for audio annotation. Both projects will be mentored by Caio Jordão Carvalho.


Claudio Cambra will work on improving the developer documentation in This project will be mentored by myself.

Suraj Kumar Mahto will be working on improving the website and will be mentored by Anuj Bansal and me.

Unaccepted Proposals

Unfortunately, not every proposal was accepted. There are various reasons for this. Often proposals are submitted, but are not related to anything we do in KDE and we can’t find mentors for them. In other cases, there are many students who write a proposal for the same project idea and we can only choose one student per task.

However, I would like to remind people that you can still contribute to KDE without having to participate in Season of KDE. Developers will still review your patches and community members will still help you to contribute.


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