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A new look for

Started a long time ago and only finished now, I have the pleasure to announce the publication of a new homepage for the KDE community. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

This is only a small preview. Head over to to see the complete webpage.

First of all I have removed the carousel. Some studies show that a carousel is a very bad way to convey information. See “should I use a carousel”.

Instead, I’ve created various sections about KDE. Plasma, the applications, hardware that is shipped with Plasma, and, more importantly, the KDE Community. This is just an overview, we have way more projects, but I hope it gives you a good introduction of the work we, as the KDE Community, have been doing for more then 20 years. If you are interested, you can find all the different products we create on the KDE products page.

The new webpage was not only my work, but a collaborative work and I want to thank in no particular order Ilya Bizyaev, Niccolò Venerandi, Paul Brown, manueljlin, David Cahalane, Blumen Herzenschein and others for their help proofreading, suggesting changes and creating the artwork for the hardware section (thanks again manueljlin).

Fun fact

Thanks to David Cahalane, I learned that this is the 8th version of the homepage. For those interested, I compiled a list of snapshots from showing the evolution of the homepage.

Get Involved

There is always more work needed in order to spread KDE all over the world. Creating graphics, polishing websites, writing announcements are just some of the tasks you can help with. Join the KDE Web and KDE Promo group and help us let the world know about KDE.

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