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This month in KDE Web: March 2020

This month KDE web developers worked on updating more websites and some progress was made in a new identity provider and a lot of other exiting stuff and a lot of background work was also done.

Updated Websites

Calligra website

  • Planet KDE is an aggregator of all the individual blogs of KDE contributors. It is the place where you can find technical details about a change, general KDE news, and blog posts about the life of KDE contributors. The website was updated and now contains feeds in more languages. (Me: Carl Schwan, See repository).

Planet KDE Website

Progress to a new identity service

KDE Identity was and still is a source of pain in the KDE infrastructure. It only supports OpenLDAP, doesn’t provide a great onbording experience and isn’t very flexible.

A new account management service is currently in creation and should be based on a fork of the successful Blender ID system. This new system will be based on OAuth2.

This month the homepage of the new identity service was updated to follow KDE branding (Me: Carl Schwan, see commit) and the settings are now using environment variables (Lays Rodrigues, see commit).

KDE identity

But the most significant work was rewriting and making it compatible with the new identity service. This is still in progress and a few features are missing but everything should be finished soon. (Me: Carl Schwan, See repository.).

Season Website changes

  • The hardware page created last month was updated to include the Pinebook Pro (Niccolò Venerandi) and now includes hardware specifications (Me: Carl Schwan).

hardware page

Library updates

  • An Aether theme was created for the Sphinx documention engine based on the Read the Docs theme. This isn’t used yet for any website but in the future, it will be used for and maybe others. Stay tuned! (Carson Black, see repository)

Aether sphinx

How you can help

We always need help with websites, fixing papercuts, upgrading old websites to the new Jekyll/Hugo infrastructure, making sure information on the websites are up-to-date, creating beautiful home page for your favorite project and a lot more.

You can join the web team through our Matrix channel , our IRC channel (#kde-www) or our Telegram channel.

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