This month in KDE Web: January-February 2020

This is the first post in a monthly series about improvements to the KDE websites. I plan to publish it every last Saturday of the month. Since a lot happened in January and I didn’t mention it anywhere, I will also mention those things in this post.

New Websites

  • KDE Connect gained a new website and a promotional video. This was done during the Season of KDE project. (Arjun Thekoot Harisankar, see repository).

KDE Connect website

Updated Websites

  • Juk is a music player and music manager. A new website for it was created by Anuj Bansal, (see commit).

Juk website{:.img-border}

  • KDE e.V. is the non-profit organization that represents the KDE community in legal and financial matters. The e.V. website was migrated to Jekyll and now uses the shared Jekyll theme. (Me: Carl Schwan, see commit).

KDE e.V. website{:.img-border}

  • KMyMoney is a personal finance manager and the project website was also migrated to Jekyll and now uses the shared Jekyll theme (Me: Carl Schwan, see commit).

KMyMoney website{:.img-border}

KDE chinal website{:.img-border}

Updates to

  • A hardware page was created listing all the devices that ship with Plasma preinstalled (Niccolò Venerandi, see commit).

  • Updated image for the recently launched Plasma 5.18 (Jonathan Riddell and Me: Carl Schwan).

  • Reduce KDE patron logo size for (Ilya Bizyaev, see task).

Library updates

  • Added options to customize footer in the Jekyll theme. This will be helpful for the coming update to (Jumpei Ogawa, see commit).

  • Added option to disabled the donation form in the Jekyll theme. (Jumpei Ogawa, see commit).

  • Various minor fixes to the Aether css theme (Anuj Bansal and Me: Carl Schwan).

  • A component selector for the Jekyll theme was also added. This will be helpful for making use the KDE Jekyll theme and not a custom theme and for others projects who have multiples components (e.g. Calligra). (Anuj Bansal, see merge request).

  • Improve translations infrastructure for (Me: Carl Schwan, see commits).

How you can help

We always need help with website, fixing papercuts, upgrading old websites to the new Jekyll/Hugo infrastructure, making sure information on the website is up-to-date, creating beautiful home page for your favorite project and a lot more.

The Elisa maintainers are looking for someone who wants to create a website and a junior job task was created.

You can join the web team through our Matrix channel , our IRC channel (#kde-www) or our Telegram channel.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0