Bugzilla integration in the KDE wikis

The Bugzilla integration in the KDE wikis is now usable again.

KDE wikis were using a long time ago the Bugzilla integration extension developed by Mozilla. This was used for example by some KDE components to keep track of the feature planned for a new release.

Sadly this extension wasn’t keep up to date and was not compatible with recent MediaWiki extension.

So I developed a new extension. This doesn’t have all the features of the old extension but all the one needed for KDE.

The extension can be see in use at

<bugzilla title="TODO" class="table-bugs-todo">
  "product": "umbrello",
  "status" : "CONFIRMED",
  "severity" : "wishlist",
  "f2": "target_milestone",
  "o2": "substring",
  "v2": "19.12",
  "include_fields" : [ "id", "product", "summary", "assigned_to"]

And this should display a list of all open which list for the milestone 19.12.

Enjoy :)

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0