Windows download link in

Windows download link in

Some quick news about a new feature of! With the amazing work done by Hannah von Reth and Christoph Cullmann, we now have more applications in the Windows Store.

I updated to display this important information. Now if you are browsing for example the Kate application page using Windows, you should see a button “Install on Windows” instead of “Install of Linux”.

Install on Windows button

Since the generation of this website use the AppStream standard and this standard allow to add some custom fields, I added a vendor prefixed field to it: KDE::windows_store. Et voilà, the metadata is available to the php code.

The next task is to add a list at the bottom of the supported platform, in case the operating system detection doesn’t work. This will let the visitor know about all the supported platforms.

If someone is interested in doing this task, please contact me on irc/matrix #kde-www and username ‘Carl Schwan/CarlSchwan[m]’. The repository is available in the new KDE Gitlab instance:

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0