The new userbase wiki

KDE userbase, the wiki where users can learn about everything KDE, gets a make over: cleaner, clearer and easier to use.

I’m happy to announce that the userbase wiki is getting a new theme and an updated MediaWiki version.

New theme - Aether

The old userbase theme was called Neverland and looked a bit antiquated. A new theme was created with a similar look to

The new theme features a light and dark modes using the new prefers-color-scheme: dark CSS media query. The new theme is also mobile friendly.

mediawiki old

mediawiki old

I think this is quite an improvement over this:

mediawiki old

I am confident that Claus_Chr and me found most of the visual glitches, but if you do find a glitch, please report it to me on my talk page.

The new theme is hosted in KDE gitlab instance. Contributions are welcome.

New MediaWiki version

We jumped MediaWiki from the obsolete version 1.26 to 1.31, the latest LTS version. This should fix some of the long-standing bugs and allow us to get all security updates with minimal maintenance needs.

What’s next?

A similar update for the community and techbase wikis should be comming soon™. The only thing that we still need to work is an update of the configuration files and some testing to make sure nothing broke during the update. A preview version of the community wiki can already be tested at:

Contribute to Userbase

When you find a kool feature in KDE software, you can write a small tutorial or just a small paragraph about it and the KDE Userbase Wiki is the right place to publish it. You don’t need to know how to code, have perfect English or know how MediaWiki’s formatting work, to contribute. We also need translators.

I want you for userbase

Admire my GIMP skills ;)

Thanks to Blumen Herzenschein and Paul Brown for proofreading this blog post and to Ben Cooksley for pointing me to the right direction.

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