New features for

New features for

In the last week, there have been various small improvements to the website.

Search bar in

KDE has a lot of applications and with the last update to made by Jonathan Riddell, all these applications are now displayed on the website.

The problem is that it’s now difficult to search for a specific application, so I added a search bar to this page. See Merge request 5 kde-org-applications

Search bar in

Support multiple screenshots per application

According to the AppStream specification, an application can have multiple screenshots. If before only the first screenshot was displayed, now all screenshots are displayed in a carousel. See Merge request 3 kde-org-applications

Adding information

The application page now contains some additional metadata information. This can help search engines to better understand the content of the webpage. See Merge request 7 kde-org-applications

Improving the Plasma product page

With Plasma 5.16, we now have a new wallpaper, so I changed the wallpaper displayed at Problem: the contrast between the text and the background wasn’t great. So I added a small breeze like window, created only with CSS and HTML.

Window breeze like with only CSS

Junior jobs

There still are a lot of things that can be improved, and we would appreciate some help to do it. If you always wanted to contribute to KDE, but don’t have any knowledge in Cpp and Qt, then you can also help with web development.

If you are interested, I listed some junior jobs.

  • The carousel used to display the application screenshots still has some problems. The next and previous buttons don’t use the same theme as the carousel shown on the homepage. Also, when screenshots have a different size, the transition is not perfect. For more information, see bug 408728.

  • We need to add a description for each page in This will improve the SEO used for KDE. First we need to define the new variable in aether, use it, and then we can start adding descriptions. This task needs to be done in cooperation with kde-promo and this should help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I wrote a small installation instruction on how to setup your local development environment. And if you need any help, you can as always contact me in Mastodon at or with matrix at

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