Working with QtWidgets

If you know me, you probably know that I have been a big than of QML and QtQuick as technology. I’m started NeoChat, Tokodon, Arianna, Kalendar (now known as Merkuro), ported KWordQuiz to QML and regularly contribute to an handful of other QML projects inside KDE.

Recently I started working at GnuPG on Kleopatra and other Qt components of the GPG4Win and GnuPG-VS Desktop product, which are all QtWidgets based. This has been a quite rewarding learning experience as it is both very similar and different to QtQuick in various aspects.

These two technologies share a lot in term of data structures with all the containers being the same (QVector, QString, QHash, …) as well as the concept of models (QAbstractItemModel) and the QObject signal/slots mechanism to react to user interactions. So nothing really new from this side. There stuff are getting different is related to graphics.

QtQuick uses QML as it primarely way to design an user interface. It is a really nice language and it’s really easy to interact between QML and C++.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0